The Nigerian Prince Likes to Phish

Early this month I received yet another classic phishing email; this time it is a traditional Nigerian Prince one. This style of phishing email is identified by, like the others, its unique pattern:

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Renew a Phish

Today (it is still Friday) I received this rather clever variation of the ol’ invoice phishing email.

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Phishy Reward

I was thinking I would need to dig into my old phishing box and see if I could find something that was not too smelly to post today. Fortunately a concerned phisher came to my rescue.

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Lazy Phisher

A while ago we praised a phisher who had some pride on his profession. Those are a rare breed; most of them are lazy, unmotivated, non-creative types who only care about meeting their quotas. You probably have met them at work, at the department of motor vehicles, or tax services: they are they type of people who would deflate a balloon by just walking into the room. Unfortunately today’s example belongs to this mediocre majority:

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Attach a Phish

One of the classical types of phish is the one which sends an invoice you are not sure why you received. The idea is to make it vague enough that even though you are not sure why you received the invoice, it looks familiar enough to entice you to click on its links or attachments to find more, and refresh your memory. And once you do it, you have been phished.

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Did You Order a Phish?

Today’s phishing email is a classic for two reasons

  • It is the ol’invoice phishing email, showing a bill to a product you or someone at your place of work may have bought. McAfee does sell antivirus software.
  • I had saved it in March of last year but only found it today. That does not diminish its relevancy because invoice phishing emails are still popular.
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Phisher Pride

We continue our series on phishing emails. I am glad to say a phisher heard my plea and stepped up to the challenge before Black Friday ended!

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Season to be Scammed

It is Black Friday! And We are in the Season to be Scammed! A few moments ago (I am typing this as fast as I can) I received the following phishing email

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