Phishing is everywhere, and it has been increasingly almost exponentially. Why? Because it works!

Don’t be a phish!

We hope our little phishing website will entertain you, and just maybe help you learn how to identify when an email is phishy so you will not be phished.

We need your help!

Every single email we posted (and make fun of) here is a 100% certified phishing email. Problem is, we only receive so many of them; it seems phishers do not like us. We would love to post more, but we can’t phillet phishers without phishing emails. This is where you can help!

Did you receive a phishing email, or want to know if a suspicious email is indeed phishy? Don’t let them spoil your day! Let us turn it into some entertainment!

Send us your Phishing Email so we can phillet it for you!

Exciting Note

We will remove your identifying information before posting it, stating it was contributed by a “viewer like you (thank you!).” If you want to be acknowledged for the submission, do let us know how you would like to be called. If you have an avatar or picture you want use to use when referring to you, do attach it to your email!

Boring Note

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