Mauricio Tavares (Main Phish)
Mauricio Tavares (Main Phish)
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This is a plain simple phishing email. No attachments and the link to the site where you are supposed to either give your info to or be compromised, or both, looks rather innocent. Contrary to some previous examples, its simplicity is elegant.

From: Postmaster Report <>
Date: May 25 2023 20:53 -0400
Subject: [Mailing List] Notification: Email Verification Required

                                 Attention :
      Your email account is currently marked inactive.
     To avoid account shut down kindly verify your email and password to
   complete verification now.
                               [1]VERIFY EMAIL
   This service is free of charge  (c) 2023 All rights reserved



How to know it is a phishing email

There are some dead giveaways this is a phishing email:

  • That trademark of scam messages, be them phishing or fake job offers or whatever, the notorious kindly is there. These phishers just cannot let it go…

  • verify your email and password to complete verification now. Sounds like that line was provided to us by the Redundant Department of Redundant Redundancies (RDRR).

  • Urgency is also a trademark of phishing emails: don’t give time for the mark to think.

  • This service is free of charge! At first I was going to make fun of that, since I would expect any verification to be free, but then I learned that Yahoo Mail charges for customer support. Still, since they are not Yahoo…

  • The website they put together (it is down already; they are not designed to be up for a long time) is trying to phish the credentials of the mailing list administrator account. I wish I had thought on saving that website for later analysis, but I was already in my pajamas. But, from the email link, we can see the code is, as it indicates, universal: you pass the username you want to steal the password from and it creates a website asking for it. No matter what you say, it is nice and clean.

This phishing email is proof that you do not have to go out of your way or scream your lungs out to phish some credentials out.