Mauricio Tavares (Main Phish)
Mauricio Tavares (Main Phish)
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In the end of last month I received this uninspiring but not badly put together phishing email. I will start with saying this email is completely not in the same league as the phishing one we covered in the previous post.

From: <>
Date: 31 Jul 2023 08:34:28 -0700
Subject: Returned Mail.
To: Clueless Phish <>

**Returned Mail.**


Some emails sent to your account are being 
bounced back due to sync errors.

Kindly follow the instructions below  to resolve this problem.
INSTRUCTIONS [*link to phishing site goes here*]

If you have already solved this problem, kindly ignore this message. Online Team.

This message was sent by the system for notification purposes only. 
Please do not reply.

Identifying this as a phishing email in easy steps

  • Our old friend, kindly is back. Twice, as if that added more weight.
  • This phisher is pretending to be from the “Online Team” (whatever that means) of the company the intended target – the mark, a.k.a. Clueless Phish – works at. To protect the innocent, the domain was renamed to Thing is that is done rather badly: unless we are reading this in Microsoft Office, you can see the email address in the From: field has nothing to do with the mark’s.
  • The idea here is for the email recipient to panic because of the bounced emails, and click on the malicious link. This specific part of this email is almost good enough: most people will not hover their mouse over the link to find out where it goes.
  • The last line was clever enough to say, in its own way, that the email address used to send the email is not monitored, so do not reply to it. But the wording could have used some help. Still, they were trying to do a proper phishing email.

Would this phishing campaign work? Possibly if the victim does not slow down to read. It is trying to be a proper phishing email, but it does not have the magic last one had. I really cannot say anything really good or bad about this phishing email besides, well, there it is.